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You’ve got to be crazy enough to keep moving forward by dreamer Alvaro Sanmartin

Yeah, thats it guys!! We are officially dreamers :D

Yesterday we faced one of the biggest challenges of our professional lives: Presenting our dreamer projects in San Francisco, in front of an audience of 200 people such as entrepreneurs, VCs, Media… Yeah, I know! scary…
Imagine was designed to change the world, and to change our lives. The first is a long term objective I am convinced to reach, the second has already been achieved. We will never forget this month in the Valley. We will never be the same after this experience.

At the final event, I looked around at my co-dreamers and it moved me. Living the dream together, facing the same inner adventures, sharing our problems, and overcoming them together has made us one of the most powerful group that I have ever seen. We have become more than a family these days.
Because when Janire lost her wallet, we all cared for her. Because when we left Jesus at Stanford, it was obvious that there was something missing in the van (The stupid jokes). If I could not eat something in a restaurant because of my allergies, everyone was looking for an alternative for me. Everyone cared about Carmina, that thanks to her roomate could live the whole experience as if she were 21, even if she is 17 yet. If someone was struggling with a problem, there it was Javi taking care that everybody was joking and smiling. I hate you guys! You made me live the most exciting month of my life. I barely slept, but there was no need, I was living a dream the whole month.
Yeah, we just had one rule: Have fun and look for the limits. “Do everyday something that scares you” we were said at certain point. That’s a good conclusion of the program…Yeah, because that’s what innovation is about, isn’t it? challenging the limits, the security, the explored paths, the comfort area and creating new alternative, innovative ways of doing things. Imagine was about thinking the same things, but differntly. And I think we will never look at the reality in the same way, I think that’s how our lives have changed.

That’s why we maybe seemed crazy sometimes. Some time ago I read Albert Einstein’s qoute that said “you sometimes you have to seem crazy to keep moving forward”, and I do not regret it. It feels good doing things that nobody understands when you’re secure of going in the right direction, making mistakes along the way.
Our dreams just have 4 more days left. So lets make our best to remember this experience forever. Go dreamers!

Álvaro Sanmartín


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