Dreamers en Expansion

Hoy salen los Dreamers de Imagine 2011 en Expansión. Mañana los tendremos en Madrid, el Viernes en Barcelona y el próximo Martes en Bilbao. Aquí los links para apuntarse a los eventos.

Keep on Dreaming!

Eventos finales IMAGINE 2011:
Madrid. Miércoles 5 de octubre a las 19:00 en Utopic_us:
Barcelona. Viernes 7 de octubre a las 12:00 del mediodía en El Molino:
Bilbao. Martes 11 de octubre a las 16:00 en Universidad de Deusto:


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IMAGINE evento final en Madrid, Barcelona y Bilbao

Eventos finales IMAGINE 2011, ven y descubre qué ha sido IMAGINE 2011.

Madrid. Miércoles 5 de Octubre a las 19:00 en Utopic_US:

Barcelona. Viernes 7 de Octubre a las 12:00 en el Molino:

Bilbao. Martes 11 de Octubre a las 12:00 en la Universidad de Deusto:



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Dreamer Oscar del Rio en Cambio Financiero

Estupenda entrevista del dreamer Oscar del Río para la revista Cambio Financiero. Conoce más detalles sobre su experiencia en Imagine y su vida como emprendedor.

Des de Imagine le deseamos mucha suerte en sus proyectos!

Felicidades Oscar!

Keep on dreaming.

2011-09 Oscar del Río habla de Imagine en CF

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Final Event Teaser

Couldn’t make it to the final event? Don’t worry! Very soon we will publish the results presented in San Francisco (Public Works) on the 27th of July.

Here a short teaser of an amazing evening which none of us will forget.


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Reflexiones de los dreamers

Reflexiones de los Dreamers de Imagine 2011 al finalizar su programa en Silicon Valley.
Extractos de las entrevistas realizadas en San Francisco por la presentadora de TV Bibiana Ballbè junto con Ana Vega.

Imagine 2011. Reflexiones de los Dreamers from Imagine on Vimeo.

Reflections of the Dreamers of Imagine 2011 after they finalized their program that has taken place in the Silicon Valley. Extracts of the interviews done in San Francisco by TV presenter Bíbiana Ballbè together with Ana Vega.

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Thank you dreamers!

I just got back from the San Francisco International Airport. I had to say bye to the12 dreamers of the first edition of IMAGINE. It was tough farewell, I cannot remember such a difficult ending since “verano azul:D . However, this is not really a farewell, I know I’ll get together again with these extraordinary people sometime soon.

One goal of IMAGINE was to change the dreamer’s lives. I do not know if we have achieved this purpose, but of what I am sure is that the Dreamers have changed my life. Thank you Dreamers for all the lessons that you gave us.

See you very soon to continue together with our plan of finding ways to change the world.



Acabo de volver del San Francisco International Airport. Me acabo de despedir de los 12 dreamers de la primera edición de IMAGINE. Ha sido una despedida muy dura, no recordaba un final tan difícil desde “verano azul:D . Pero se que esto no es en realidad una despedida, se que volveré a juntarme con estas personas extraordinarias.

Uno de los objetivos de IMAGINE era cambiar la vida de los dreamers. No sé si hemos logrado este propósito, pero de lo que estoy seguro es de que los dreamers han cambiado nuestras vidas. Gracias Dreamers por todas las lecciones que nos habéis dado.

Nos vemos muy pronto para continuar juntos con ese plan de cambiar el mundo.

Thank you!

Xavier Verdaguer

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Thank you dreamers!

This is the first time I write a post. Until today I’ve never felt like I had something important enough to say to share with the world. Now, I have something I would like to shout out loud so the whole world can hear. Today I want to say: THANK YOU DREAMERS!

On the 1st of July, San Francisco was invaded by 12 crazy geniuses coming from all over Spain. I always new this would be an interesting experience but never could I have imagined how life changing it would be. In Imagine we wanted to change the lives of the 12 dreamers and as Xavier Verdaguer said during the event that took place on the 27th of July “we don’t know if we have changed your lives, but you have certainly changed ours.” I will never be able to thank you enough for this great experience.

Dreamers, after being with you for the last month I can only hope we have been able to inspire you half as much as you have inspired all of us. Thank you for making Imagine a magical experience. I wish you all the best of luck in your future dreams! No matter what people tell you, keep pursuing your dream and remember to KEEP ON DREAMING!

Each and every single on of you have been key to this project. Never loose your energy and will to change the world. Together you have become an invincible team. Even if Imagine is over, please remember we are still here for all of you!  I can’t wait to see what you guys will do next!

I would also like to send out a big hug and thank you to all the people that have believed in Imagine and have helped us since the very beginning. Imagine has counted with the work of over 40 incredible people.  Thank you all for your effort, time and dedication. Thank you for the master classes, the tours, the activities, the workshops, videos, etc… together we have made this possible!

Imagine has proven that when great people get together, great things can happen. If we all work as a team, we can change the world.

This is not an end, it’s just the beginning!

Thank you.

Rosa Monge.


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The Graduation of Imagine 2011

After a month of intense team work they made it! Álvaro, Javi, Nestor, Carmina, Oscar, Albert, Jordi, Rubén, Janire, Elena, Jesús and Aitor presented their ideas and prototypes in Silicon Valley and they oficially graduated as Dreamers. The final event of the Imagine Project was hosted by the Catalan TV journalist Bibiana Ballbé. Along with Moritz beer, official sponsor of the event, she brought a taste of Barcelona to the ceremony at Public Works San Francisco.

The four groups presented their projects in front of a large audience, eager to hear their disruptive ideas. Among the attendees we could see different professionals from top companies in the Bay Area such as Google, Apple, Craigslist, Agilent and IDEO. For instance its founder and General Manager Tom Kelley was there. So were different representatives from leading Spanish companies, such as Everis or Cink, who were some of the more than 200 people who listened to the presentations. The topics of the night were The Future of Advertising, The Future of the Smart Apparel, The Future of The Urban Mobility and the Future of the Shopping Experience.

If you want to find out more about these topics and the prototypes presented during the night, stayed tuned during the first week of August when more details will be published.

Despite the added difficulty of presenting in English, which is not their native language, the dreamers exceeded everyone’s expectations. The audience was so impressed that some people inquired about the near future of these ideas. The ceremony ended with the official diplomas being handed out by Xavi Verdaguer, founder of the Imagine Center, Ari Mateu Imagine Center Director among other staff. Straight after this, some time was left networking and then Sexy Visuals took over the stage for a synchronized performance of music and visual effects.

Remember! Watch this space during the first week of September and you will discover the inventions of these 12 dreamers.


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You’ve got to be crazy enough to keep moving forward by dreamer Alvaro Sanmartin

Yeah, thats it guys!! We are officially dreamers :D

Yesterday we faced one of the biggest challenges of our professional lives: Presenting our dreamer projects in San Francisco, in front of an audience of 200 people such as entrepreneurs, VCs, Media… Yeah, I know! scary…
Imagine was designed to change the world, and to change our lives. The first is a long term objective I am convinced to reach, the second has already been achieved. We will never forget this month in the Valley. We will never be the same after this experience.

At the final event, I looked around at my co-dreamers and it moved me. Living the dream together, facing the same inner adventures, sharing our problems, and overcoming them together has made us one of the most powerful group that I have ever seen. We have become more than a family these days.
Because when Janire lost her wallet, we all cared for her. Because when we left Jesus at Stanford, it was obvious that there was something missing in the van (The stupid jokes). If I could not eat something in a restaurant because of my allergies, everyone was looking for an alternative for me. Everyone cared about Carmina, that thanks to her roomate could live the whole experience as if she were 21, even if she is 17 yet. If someone was struggling with a problem, there it was Javi taking care that everybody was joking and smiling. I hate you guys! You made me live the most exciting month of my life. I barely slept, but there was no need, I was living a dream the whole month.
Yeah, we just had one rule: Have fun and look for the limits. “Do everyday something that scares you” we were said at certain point. That’s a good conclusion of the program…Yeah, because that’s what innovation is about, isn’t it? challenging the limits, the security, the explored paths, the comfort area and creating new alternative, innovative ways of doing things. Imagine was about thinking the same things, but differntly. And I think we will never look at the reality in the same way, I think that’s how our lives have changed.

That’s why we maybe seemed crazy sometimes. Some time ago I read Albert Einstein’s qoute that said “you sometimes you have to seem crazy to keep moving forward”, and I do not regret it. It feels good doing things that nobody understands when you’re secure of going in the right direction, making mistakes along the way.
Our dreams just have 4 more days left. So lets make our best to remember this experience forever. Go dreamers!

Álvaro Sanmartín


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IMAGINE presents ideas to change the World

12 dreamers, 4 ideas and a world to change.

Today is the day!

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