A day with Angelika Blendstrup, by dreamer Jorge

A day with Angelika Blendstrup is more than a normal day, and you should better be ready for it. Angelika can really change the way you think, and in Imagine we love that!


What I like the most about Angelika is her ability to detect errors in everything you say or do. You can feel that after every session with her, you highly improve your communication skills and the strength of your speech. This, in Silicon Valley, is the key to success.


This time, we started the session developing a ‘twitter-friendly’ message as a summary of our projects, showing us how pitches have changed with the sucess of Twitter. At the same time, she encouraged us to ‘make the best of our accent’, which means speaking calmed and emphasizing the keywords of our speech.


She also advised us to take as much advantage as possible of the use of silences and breathing, which allow us to introduce the key ideas in a catchy way.


Afterwards, Angelika started talking about some of the cultural differences between Spain and the United States, specially referred to the communicational aspects. For instance, she talked about how both cultures differently criticize each others work. In Spain people usually point out an error directly to the person responsible, in the United States that should be done on a gentler and nicer way.


She finished forcing us to focus on what really makes our projects unique and different, by establishing a personal brand. After working with our personal pitches the session finished with a short but inspiring exercise in which we tried to explain the core of our projects in a 2-3-2 words sentence, which forced us to summarize our pitches and, at the same time, try to connect with the audience.


Overall, it was a fantastic and enriching experience as always is with Angelika!


Be ready.

Build a brand.

Go for it!



Dreamer Jorge Rodríguez

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