Juan Pablo Puerta from Craigslist, by dreamer Yordanka

 “Temporary over the permanent”

There are no words to describe what I felt when Juan Pablo finished his presentation about Craigslist today. Such an excellent pitch about his company, San Francisco’s growth and new tech trend deserves more than an admiration!

He used an unusual way to transmit us his knowledge about Internet invasion and his peculiar business model.  Juan Pablo works at a strong company, the 6th webpage most powerful nowadays, “Craigslist”. With more users than eBay, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Time Warner. He began saying what Craigslist is not: no mobile application, no investors, no advisors…

There are 29 projects and 29 employees. Each employee has his/her own project. Nobody cooperates, that means no help from each other regarding the development of their own project. No meetings, no wasting time. Juan Pablo manages millions of customers; each of them contribute to improve the platform via feedback and new comments.  Craigslist’s principle is “embrace the user, and tell him you love him, one more time”. This has been a reason of a great success all over San Francisco and the U.S.

The team of Craigslist also has a slogan, something really awesome: KISS “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

So, what I’ve learned today is about our way of thinking, maybe extremely complex trying to solve complex problems. He showed us that other alternatives exist…

He also taught us one more thing:

There are things that can’t be learn on the Internet: GO AND LEARN THEM. Find your problem and optimize your company for it.”


Thank you, Juan Pablo, for impregnating us with your energy and vitality.



Yordanka Dimitrova

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