Learning from kids & teenagers, by trainee Claudia

I finally understood what “box” people had in mind when they talked about  “thinking outside the box”.

It is obvious that they meant that in order to have a good idea one must go beyond the limits of logic and let their imagination: fly. But what I didn’t understand was what the box had to do in this story.


This is what I discovered during our Skype video-call with the kids from Thinkids and the girls from La Vall School. We shared our projects with them and received their feedback. One of the things I realized during this activity was that adults often underestimate kids abilities. It was amazing to hear them give their opinions about the different projects and how the ideas that seemed absurd at first were actually great ones.


When seeing them I understood that when we are born we are like an unshaped material that life transforms into the shape of a box. This box represents the knowledge we achieve, the people we meet, the experiences we live and the fears we have. These four elements are the ones that usually limit our creativity.


This way, through time, the more we develop these elements the further the limits of our creativity get. This is why we should always try to free our mind from our knowledge, experiences and fears when we want to be creative, to the point of becoming as open-minded as kids are.


I strongly believe that we should try to learn from kids and encourage them to make the most of their creativity potential. So don’t ever grow up, keep thinking like a kid!


Thank you Thinkids and La Vall School!

Trainee Claudia Solà

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