Meditation with Albert, by dreamer Cesar

Albert is father of 3 children and he was one of the 2011’s Dreamers. He gave us a meditation and yoga session on the beach in Cadaqués. The first thing that he told us was his experience he lived when he had to attend the birth of his daughter. He and his wife decided that they want a natural childbirth in their house.


He was in his company when he received the call from his wife telling him that his daughter was on her way. He arrived to their house and the midwife that has to help them had wasn’t able to make it on time. Albert helped his wife during her contractions and his daughter’s head was in his hand. He had to to act as fast as he knew and he helped his wife give birth. His story touched us all, we were very surprised by his strength and his lack of fear. Thank you Albert, for sharing this story with all of us.


After this talk on the beach of Sa Conca he gave us a meditation session. We did some yoga poses within our abilities. Then he helped us relax by leaving of minds free.  We were all still and silent for a few minutes. It was very interesting to see how the sound of the see gradually became clearer, and I could hear many noises that I hadn’t realized until I was in a complete state of relaxation.


It was our first activity on Saturday and it charge our batteries for a long day ahead.


With Albert we learned the importance of taking sometime for oneself to be able to appreciate our surrounding and our situation. Thank you!



César Mariel

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