Springkite workshop, by dreamer Jorge

On the 30th of June, we had a workshop with Javier Ideami, who defines himself as an award winning multidisciplinary artist, engineer and entrepreneur. If I had to write a definition of him, I would surely include the word ‘genius’ on it. Javier has received numerous awards over the years for his work in areas as diverse as filmmaking, music, writing, computing programming, poetry, photography and others. Using all of those skills, Javier has founded Springkite, a workshop which aims to refresh the mind and empower the creativity of its audience.


He really did achieve these goals. Springkite turned out to be a mind-changing time on our lives, where its intensity and variety of activities really motivated us and we experienced a boost in our creativity methods which were not only richful, but will also be useful on our creativity processes at Imagine projects.



Javier Ideami talked about the different type of intelligences that exist in our brain and guided us through all of them in order to boost our creativity to its maximum potential. Generating tons of new ideas. Springkite works with eight different languages: ideas, line, improvisation, logic, light, emotions, words and sound.


This intense 9 hour workshop really enhanced our creativity, generating crazy ideas from scratch in a very easy and natural way. It was an unexpected experience, which really helped us to believe we can be as creative as we want us to be, as long as we work with it  and train it to its maximum potential.


Thank you for this life changing experience Javi!

Springkite Business Creativity Event by Ideami Studios from Javier Ideami on Vimeo.

SpringKite, The Adventure Begins by Ideami from Javier Ideami on Vimeo.


Jorge Rodríguez

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