Imagine Creativity Center is a center that identifies problems and suggests World Changing solutions. The ideas will be pursued by multidisciplinary team which will work in the Silicon Valley environment for one month.

During one month, dreamers will live a radical life changing experience while finding ways to make the world a better place. Imagine will open its doors to dreamers twice a year. In every edition, 12 talented people will be chosen to work on 4 disruptive projects. The results will be presented in a public event at the end of each edition and will be permanently exhibited in the center's showroom.

Download PDF presentation of IMAGINE 2013


Imagine Creativity Center has three types of alliances::


Imagine Creativity Center is located in SoMa, San Francisco. Although the center is located in the city of San Francisco, many of the activities will take place in emblematic spots around Silicon Valley.

L' Atelier
2325 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
+1 415 395 6664

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Xavier Verdaguer
Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of Imagine, Innovalley, Seven4seven, TMT Factory

Rosa Monge
Computer Science. Multimedia Engineering. PM at Apple, Inc. CoFounder Seven4Seven

Marta Aubia
Sociology, Innovation consultant, Infonomia.

Josep Lluis Sánchez, PhD
KayrosXChronos. National University of Singapore

Philippe Delespesse
Owner Inteligencia Creativa, Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Eliane Guiu
Marketing & Innovation, FMCG Executive in Multinational entreprises Spain & France, Pro bono consultant for Esade Alumni

Elies Campo
Founder fastDove, Founder AlertaPhone, Singularity University

Javier Ideami
Founder SpringKite, Photographer, Film Maker


Álex A. Castellarnau
Project Manager IDEO

Chris Anderson
DIY Drones, 3D Robotics, Wired Magazine, writer

Angelika Blendstrup, PhD
Int’l. Exec. Comm. Coach

Di-ann Eisnor
neogeography pioneer, Waze, Founder Platial

Jessica Scorpio
Founder & Director of Marketing of GetAround, founder of IDEAL

Aaron Frank
Sales/Marketing at Singularity University

Marco Mascorro
Robotics researcher at Kanazawa Inst. of Tech.

Joaquim Trias, PhD
IP Expert

Shaherose Charania
Founder of Founder Labs, Co-founder Women 2.0

Siddharth Vanchinathan
co-founder & COO at Propelland, co-founder Locomi, sidArt

Hugo Giralt
co-founder & CEO Propelland, Telefonica, Coca-Cola Company

Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator Wikimedia Foundation

Dídac Lee
Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Alba
Innovation Partner of Everis

Anna Mercadé
Director Women Observatory, Business and Economy

Ángel Gutiérrez
Innovation Partner of Everis

Dioni Nespral
Expert on Business Innovation

Mónica Deza
VP of Innovation McCann Group

Neil Harbisson
Sonocromatic Cyborg

Juan Prego
CoFounder Actitud Creativa

Juan Pablo Puerta
Man of Mistery Craigslist

Victor Fortunado
co-founder CookBooth, Creative Director

Fernando Botella
CEO Think&Action

Hugo Pardo Kuklinski
Stanford Visiting Professor. Author of Geekonomia & Planeta Web 2.0

Jose Luis Agell
W/W Expansion at Chartboost

Ricardo Bellino
Founder School of Life Global Edu., Trump Realty Brazil

Carlos E. Gómez
Google Online Sales

Jil Van Eyle
Founder de Teaming, writter

Xavier Simó
CEO Inlea Corporation, Founder Inlea Foundation

Sonia Mulero
Director Fundación Inlea, 3day StartUp Spain

Marta Emerson
VicePresident Scaale, Founder H!Com, Keiretsu Forum

Bibiana Balbé
Journalist & TV hostess

Enric Pladevall

Ernest Delgado
Google Engineer

Juan Jose Juan
Global Leader of Bus Innov & Transformation @ Vodafone Global Ent

Ignasi de Juan
International Consultant in Public Policy

Gorka Sadowski
Founder Akalak, Territory Manager LogLogik

Sergi Herrero
CEO L'Atelier NA BNP-Paribas,

Eduardo Sicilia
Executive Director at EOI, TopTen Coaching

Luis G.-Blanch
Co-founder & CEO at Global Incubator, Singularity Univ

Albert Riba
Partner inPreneur & Kinetical Business

Gerard Martret
CoFounder Drivania, Founder Bhagna Inno.

Gemma Falcó

Albert Bargues

Montse Duran
Start Up Mentor

Andreu Veà
President Internet Society Spain, Founder WiWiw.org

Oscar del Río
Founder Interacso, Dreamer 2011

Josette Melchor
Co-Founder of GAFFTA, community organizer, social entrepreneur

Julia Hartz
Co-founder of Eventbrite, MTV Networks, FX Networks

Pep Torres
miba, creativity expert

Marta Marti
TRIBU RESPIRA Founder & Director, Vicepresident CEAJE

Gemma Cernuda
Owner and Founder at Peix&Co, SL, Branding & Feminine Comm.

Silvia García
Director Coca-Cola Happiness Institute

Anna Guardiola
Hub Bay Area, Catalytic Women

Àlex Aguilar
Professor Vertebrates Unit, Univ. of Bcn

Cristina Salvador
Owner, Director aPortada

Roberto Alonso
Research Associate at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Jean Claude
Social entrepreneur, Founder of Puddle

Oriol Tintoré
Aerospace Eng. at NASA Ames Research Center

Helena Brugada
Juniper Networks, Ernst & Young, PwC