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Imagine Final Event San Francisco

After a month of hard work and continuos positive input, the dreamers have now returned to their countries of origin fully energized.

IMAGINE SILICON VALLEY 2013 has been a great success and this han been possible thanks to our marvelous sponsors and collaborators. From the Imagine staff we would like to thank them for their contribution to this dream come true.

From the staff’s side, it has been incredible to see the transformation of every one of the of the dreamers. They have learned about success as well as failure and you can see in the shine of their eyes that they are no longer afraid of what might come their way. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead of them. They are amazing human beings who will be doing great things for the world.

The public final event where the dreamers presented the solutions to the challenges they where given took place the 29th of July in San Francisco. In the audience we were happy to find CEOs, founders and investors of the Vally. The dreamers where up to the challenge and presented incredible disruptive ideas. It was a magical night none of us are going to forget.

For all of our followers that where not able to join us that night we have prepared 4 videos with the 4 presentation. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

The projects generated in Imagine Silicon Valley 2013 will be presented again in Barcelona and Bogota during the months of September and October.

Keep on dreaming!


Brain Revolution 




Smart Up




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