HUB, Singularity University and Dídac Lee, by Laura Dubreuil. 15/07/2013

The beginning of phase 3 in Imagine started with an introduction to prototyping with Josep Lluís Sánchez. After lunch, we headed to HUB, a community that provides co-working spaces that inspire, connect, and empower people to realize enterprising ideas for sustainable impact. Marie Haller and Anna Guardiola gave us a speech about their core values and mission.
HUB is a B corp, i.e., a Benefit Corporation, a corporate form for for-profit entities that want to consider society and the environment in addition to profit in their decision making process. As stated in their profile, they believe that “trust, collaboration and courage shape communities where ideas and change can thrive”. These core values make up their DNA and guide them in reaching social and environmental benchmarks.



Next day, our Imagineta gave us a ride to Singularity University, at NASA Ames Research Park, in Mountain View. We were really impressed by the speech Ann Rogan gave to us, in which she explained the core values and mission of Singularity University and even showed us her trainers, which were printed in 3D. –thank you Ann for transmitting your passion and positive energy with us!
SU is a Benefit Corporation learning institution whose aim is to “educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.” Actually, the name of Singularity University comes form the fact that Singularity is defined as the point in time when computer intelligence exceeds human intelligence, due to rapid and accelerating developments within and between science and technology fields. These exponential growing technologies include artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology & bioinformatics (including DNA sequencing), medicine & health, neuroscience, networks & computing systems and energy & environmental Systems.
In the afternoon, we were also delighted by the speech of Dídac Lee, an entrepreneur by vocation and profession. Born in Figueres (Catalonia) and educated by his Chinese parents from Taiwan, he studied computer engineering and received a degree in business administration and general management from IESE. He is currently the director of New Technologies for FC Barcelona and the CEO of the company Inspirit, a holding of technology-based companies with a clear innovative profile.


When he was twenty-one and with hardly any resources, he set up his first company, IntercomGi, one of the first in Girona to provide internet access and to open an online business. As he likes to define himself, he is a restless dreamer and passionate about what he does. One of his core values is to live life in a sustainable way and his motivation everyday is to get up with a challenging project.
He defines his job as “overcoming adversities, risks and managing messes”. And, as he likes to say, “don’t confuse the word “impossible” with “difficult””. That’s actually the attitude that brought him to where he is now, with that passion and positivism he transmits.
Thank you very much Dídac for joining us and sharing your experiences, your humility and your positive energy; you are a great dreamer!!


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End of phase two (adding value) by Diego Cuadros. 14/07/2013

We have ended the second phase of this exciting program. Four inspiring presentations have taken place today, and all of them with a common dream: to change the world  through education, neurosciences, people and teams in companies, and finally smart cities. At this point I don’t want to give you more details about the different projects, but what I would want to say is that they are going to make you fly to another dimensions of understanding and relating with the world. Please, dont miss the final presentations!!!


On the other hand, we had the fortune to have Xavier Simó, founder of Inlea Foundation, and his colleague Ivan Lopez during the whole day giving us their important insights and perspectives of our presentations and projects. Thank you a lot for your time and support!


Its time to start the prototyping step and we all now that our efforts will be twice than the last two weeks, but our passion and dreams are bigger!




The final event is getting closer and for that reason our communication is fundamental to convey what we really want and synthesize with coherence and passion our projects. Therefore our lovely staff prepared a creative elevador pitch with water, jurys and 45 seconds to tell our projets. Yes, I ended up wet, and for sure I will never forget to get to the point at any pitch in my life!

Good luck dreamers!!!

Diego Cuadros

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Point Reyes with Joaquim Trias by Laura Dubreuil. 13/07/2013

For me, July 13, 2013 could be defined as one of the most amazing, inspirational, motivating and cathartic activities we’ve done so far in Imagine.


We started with a cultural breakfast at l’Atelier, eating delicious “pericos eggs” from our Colombian colleagues and listening to the valuable feedback from Joaquim Trias, a doctor in biology and one of the top names in the American biotech sector. Born in Barcelona, his entrepreneurial spirit took him to the heart of Silicon Valley nearly 20 years ago. He has helped found companies like Microcide Pharmaceuticals, Vicuron (acquired by Pfizer), Peninsula (bought by Johnson&Johnson), Anthera and Tetraphase. He is currently president of the venture capital and bio-pharmaceutical consulting firm JTPS.


After that, we headed to Point Reyes National Park altogether with Joaquim to start a great hike that took us from the most incredible forest landscapes to the impressive beaches surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.  Interesting conversations arose while walking along the tiny little paths and the wild coast.


Some of us took a freezing bath in the Pacific water; others just had enough by feeling it in their feet ;) We liked it so much that we even planned to camp there all night long. Although the mission was finally aborted due to logistic and feasibility reasons, as good dreamers we don’t discard to come back there and make it happen!!


It took us more than expected to finish the route, but when we finally got to the initial point and we drove to Point Reyes Station to eat some oysters. But again, the mission was aborted because the restaurant was closed… To compensate for that, we went to Petaluma to finish the day with a delicious ice cream at Lala’s Creamery.


I want to specially thank Joaquim for dedicating us his valuable time and all the feedback he gave us about our projects; we really appreciate his impartiality and his point of view about such diverse topics as education, women empowerment, smart cities and neuroscience.


Have you ever heard that quote that says “Life is not about how many breaths you take but about how many moments in life take your breath away”? That day would definitely be one of those moments. Thank you all!


Laura Dubreuil



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Thinkids, Angelika, IDEO and 500 StartUps by Francesca Gabetti 11/07/2013

In Imagine, every day is intense, full and exciting as one whole month in “real life”! In spite of that, surprisingly, we learn how to expand our time day by day a little bit. ☺

Today, for instance, we had a full 16-hours day!
Xavi was already waiting for us with Imagineta at 6:27 am , to be ready at 7.00 am for the call-conference with Madrid and the 78 Thinkids Project children, leaded among others by the 2011 Dreamer Albert Ventura, an awesome professional and person.

Some children presented us their ideas and then we shared with them our projects, asking for their point of view…. their feedback were incredible! We learned a lot from them, as they allow us to see different ways to approach issues; for instance children clearly showed some concerns about the neuroscience helmet appearance and came up with great insights for the Education Team.

Sharing and integrating Thinkids ideas, the Imagineta arrived then at Palo Alto and…Stanford. It’s such a crazy and thrilling sensation being once again in this powerful place and, after just tree days, feeling as confortable as we were at home.
Being a Dreamer is every sensation raised to the third…at least.

In Stanford, Josep Lluis was waiting for us to work on two “traditional” creativity methodologies (Scamper & Morphoal Analysis) in a – of course – Imagine disruptive way. In a glimpse of en eye the 4 teams were spread through all Stanford, generating new ideas and trying to capture the strongest ones on whatever support our creative mind could find. Quite impressive results came up!

After a quick lunch in Palo Alto, we met Angelika and her cute dog Charlie at StartUp Embassy for a storytelling masterclass. Her professionalism & experience, together with her strength, hearth and generosity, make every minute with Angelika an unforgettable moment and make us, literally, willing to absorb every single word through our skin, to integrate it better.
She gave us three minutes to present ourselves using storytelling techniques: the whole group was absolutely surprised and empowered by the pitch every Dreamer was able to prepare in such a short lapse of time…. Laughs, tears, emotions and great ideas. I had the feeling we even succeeded in surprising Angelika this time :-9

At 4 o’clock Alex Castellarnau was waiting for us ….at Ideo!! What a great feeling stepping into the world innovation Mecca, where the very same concept of  the “mouse “ was born and where every year just one candidate is hired out of 10.000 cvs! I guess all the dreamers would have spent at least one week in Ideo headquarters.



Moreover, Alex presentation was a memorable one, full of passion, tips and key learnings, as the following concepts:

Immersive realities: making the experience real
• Emotional Translogic, connecting through emotions
Prototype as a way of learning, define indicators and testing
Underdog: always be a challenger
• Break the Status Quo
• Coherence with what you honor

We’d need one entire book to develop just a 10% of the intensity and the experience we received from Alex in 1 hour….

The day ended at 22 o’clock, since after Ideo we went to visit Alvaro Sanmartin, a 2011 Dreamer that is now living the 500 Start-Ups experience with his project Floqq – an interesting e-learning platform with a lot of potential – . Alvaro showed us that being a Dreamer, once again, it’s not just about dreaming and that if you have the good idea, the qualities to succeed and the persistence to believe in your project, people can believe in you.

Coming back to the hotel, tired, emotionally moved and internally fulfilled, I realized that we have lived a day full of learning and received a lot of new information but, most of all, we have met passionate and generous persons that, through the gratuity attitude with which they shared their experience with us, really made us better Dreamers. Goodnight and thanks Imagine!

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Women 2.0 and Josep Lluis by Sebastián Romero. 10/07/2013

Today was a really interesting day, like every day here in San Francisco at the Imagine, and as always it started with a Tetris game trying to fit in the “Imagineta” (our official transport).

Our first stop was at Palo Alto, where we drank a HUGE coffee on our way to Stanford.

This Wednesday was particularly special because today Josep Lluis arrived, another member the incredible staff, who came here to bring us amazing techniques and methodologies.  We started the new stage of the program with a funn activity where we were supposed to be able to propose a large number of different solutions, answering just one question. After that, we made a stupid idea contest where we succeed in that, being stupid, but most important being able to transform those situations in opportunities.

We ate lunch and we played Tetris again to make our way to the city. We where so tired that all the back seat were almost snoring. After that, we arrive to one of the most admirable companies that I consider we have visited, “Woman 2.0” where Shaherose Charania  gave us a wonderful speech about her company and how women are the pillar of the web, beside other interesting points of view.




With all those activities, the day was not over yet. We took another coffee (as you can see we spend more time drinking coffee than anything else) making the conclusions of the day, and preparing ourselves for a networking event where a lot of entrepreneurs were going to present their ideas in a pitch contest. We met awesome people, like every day. Finally after a long day we made our way to the hotel trying to get some rest and preparing ourselves for another day at the Imagine Creativity center.

Sebastián Romero

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Kiva & Scaale by Anna. 09/07/2013

Good morning dreamers and Congratulations Dani Sala for your birthday!!!

At 7:57 Xavi picked us up in the Imagineta. Destination: Kiva. Amazing company with an awesome motto: “Loans that change lives”. Make a loan to an entrepreneur across the global for as little as $25. Kiva is the world’s first online lending platform connecting online lenders to entrepreneurs.

Our guide, Jacob Schultz, is leveraging talented volunteers and getting things done at He explained us how Kiva works. Thank you Jacob for your interesting talk. I think that after your speech, all of us have thought that it has to be amazing to be part of a company like Kiva or create something similar…

It also has been awesome to see Juan Barbed (dreamer of Silicon Valley 2012) in one of the maps of Kiva.


We are so proud of Juan Barbed and what he is doing in Kiva!! Congratulations Juan!!

After that, we went back to the Atelier to continue generating disruptive ideas for our projects. It has been a great morning with Marta Aubia (thanks Marta for all your tips). We generated a very disruptive ideas in all the projects. Then we moved to a park to play again with Binakle (thanks Philippe and Inteligencia creativa for your amazing game) and think about more creative ideas. It was worth it!!!

After lunch we returned to Atelier to received Marta Emerson. I had the pleasure to introduce her to the rest of the group. Marta is the Vice President of Scaale Group, dedicated to help companies to strategically become micromultinationals by applying global context through its five pilars: acceleration, sales, capital, innovation and talent.
She also has a lot of experience in angel investment, entrepreneurship and social media.

Marta gave us an amazing pitch. She transmits a lot of passion in what she is doing and she shared with us 10 key factor for an entrepreneurial ecosystem:
1.- Education
3.- Creativity and innovation
4.- network of professionals
5.- Government/Private sector
6.- Business friendly
7.- Vertical/industries specialization
8.- Success case-exits
9.- Local and Int talent
10.- Market and Access to global markets.


According to Marta, it is not possible to copy past Silicon Valley. Trying to do this will not work!

Anad last but not the least:

Don’t be afraid to grow” by Marta Emerson.

Thanks Marta for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

At the end of the day, like every day, staff and dreamers get  together to make a summery of the day. During this time we have the opportunity to fell free about what we think about all the activities of the day and what we think about the speakers.

Back to the Hotel, we  continued working on the projects….or not…
Of course, if I talk about transport to the hotel I have to add one more thing:
Thanks Xavi and Rosa for being our taxi everyday, and to be so generous, we know that you are making a lot of efforts for us!! Your are an exemple of : “Give before you get”!!!!!

Good night dreamers….


Dreamer Anna Sala


08/07/2013 at Imagine Silicon Valley

09/07/2013at Imagine Silicon Valley

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Crossing the Golden Gate by Pedro Torrecillas. 07/07/2013

After the stressing end of “week one” presentation on Saturday, we got a beautiful, exhausting and amazing day off this sunday. A  way of knowing each other in a different environment and keeping the group – dreamers and staff – even closer.


San Francisco woke up with an army of uniformed dreamers in their black hoodies and rented bikes wondering around the streets. We walked along the bay in a perfect weather toward the Golden Gate bridge. After a long photo shoot session we went all the way up the hill. Unfortunately some of us had some minor injuries, both real – Franchesca’s famous bike accident – and faked – as some of us made up pulled muscles to rest during the hardest ascents. Luckily we have a magnificent doctor in our group!


Crossing the Golden Gate by bike, in this context and with the inherent introspection of a long ride in a single line, was a truly intensive experience. We felt the fresh air on our faces, the non-stopping big city activity represented by the fast and noisy cars passing us by the side and the immensity, beauty and peace of the ocean on the other – standing about 70 meters over the water and with the fabulous San Francisco skyline in the background.


Once we were on the other side of the bridge, after 6 hours of bicycle, we queued for an eternity in a small local burger in Sausarito but it was totally worth the wait. One of the best burger I have ever had! We ate them at a park in front of the bay and then played a soccer match as a training for our challenge vs. Stanford – don’t worry dreamer alumni, we would beat them again for sure! It was a shame that my team lost, but I felt like we morally won as Arturo showed some courage when diving into the freezing water to retrieve a lost ball and starting public applause – “who are those smily grown-up kids?” seemed to be the questions on the mind of the spectators and people passing by. After feeding our stomachs with french fries – Ray -,  delighting a Sausalito’s famous ice-cream and performing bike equilibrism – Sebastián – we headed back to San Francisco by ferry, enjoying outstanding views during the trip.

As if this was not enough, Xavi opened his home for us – again -. Pool, jacuzzi, beers, beers + jacuzzi, networking, barbecue and jokes in the moonlight. A perfect closure for a perfect day!



06/07/2013  at Imagine Silicon Valley 2013

07/07/2013  at Imagine Silicon Valley 2013

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Wikipedia by Arturo Calvo. 05/07/2013

-        Hi Arturín! How was your day in San Francisco?

-        Hi mum! I went to Wikipedia in a VIP visit, had lunch and then changed the world for a while.

-        Ahhh! Sounds fun. What did you eat?


This is an extract of the conversation I had today with my family. What surprises me the most is that I am getting used to do this kind of extraordinary things. In Imagine CC you feel like a superhero, and each day a new challenge is waiting for you.

At 08:27 Xavi picked us up in the Imagineta. Destination: Wikipedia. For real? Yeah! The biggest free-content encyclopedia on the Internet has its HQ in the heart of San Francisco. Our guide, Quim Gil, is an outstanding professional from Lloret de Mar. After one minute of conversation you know how passionate he is about what he is doing at Wikipedia, and patient, very patient, because we overloaded him with questions for a couple of hours. Thank you Quim! These are some headlines from our visit:

-        Wikipedia is not alone. There are many ongoing sister projects such as WikiData (knowledge base), Wikiversity (learning materials), Wikivoyage (travel guide,…)

-        Education should be about learning to learn, not just memorizing.

-        Wikipedia doesn’t want to grow without limits.

-        Wikipedia provides the data and invites anyone to create awesome apps using it.




After lunch we went back to L’Atelier to keep working on our projects. Philippe explained how mind maps can help us organize our ideas, so in a couple of hours we had our mind maps on the wall and we had a bunch of new paths for our projects. Philippe projected a video of Inteligencia Creativa that explains why should we “kill the innovation funnel” ( because the most disruptive ideas are discarded to avoid risks.

The last activity was a recap of the day, where we had the opportunity to express how do we fell since the beginning of the program or, as Xavi says, #shareyourhappiness.

Save the best for the last. Ray García volunteered to pitch his personal project (, and surprised us with his professionalism, communication skills and the potential of the “new way to live music concerts”.



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4th of July BBQ by Ray. 04/07/2013

Days at Imagine start as early and end as late as you want. The most remarkable thing is that you are doing something at every moment.


Today, the day started at 7:27. Xavi has the fixation of setting schedules out of standards. I think it’s a way of breaking with the established, but taking it to a whole different level.


We started with a ride around San Francisco. Today is the 4th of July and the entire atmosphere is in “full swing”, even at 7 am. We saw people running along the harbor, went down Lombard Street, where we took many pictures, and we finished the tour by visiting the houses of “Full House”, a Sitcom known by the spanish people as “Padres forzosos”, one of many forced translations we have in our country.


After this little walk, we went to Golden Gate Park, where we did some interesting activities, organized by Francesca from Intuigma, the karma woman, a person who reads people’s energies and interacts with them in order to modify and make you feel better in case you need it. A genius.


After Golden Gate park, we went to a BBQ at  StartUp Embassy, Palo Alto. Today is a national holiday, and we also deserve a little bit of rest. But… oh! surprise, even during leisure time, as could be a BBQ, we DON’T stop. Even if you have a beer in your hand, a burger, a steak or some nachos, here, networking is the national sport.


I told my pitch more times than beers in my hands, which, for the people that know me, is remarkable. I learned and received quality feedback from experts coming from many places around the world, who have big projects in Spain, San Francisco, Boston, Miami and even Chile.


Here in San Francisco, as I said before, networking is the national sport. People not only listen, they get involved and give you feedback with their opinions, always in a very positive and constructive way.


Bing in San Francisco rocks. Being a Dreamer rocks. It Rocks a lot.


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SLAC & Angelika Blendstrup by Oriana. 03/07/2013

Beeep Beeep!! Wake up Dreamers! They are picking us up at 7:27!! 7:27 !?!? YES!!!! 7:27!!

Day #2 begins!!!

The day began with the Imagineta coming to pic us up and take us to L’Atelier.. and because in Imagine, and specially in San Francisco, there is no time when the entrepreneur spirit is shut down, we stated the day with an Elevator Pitch… LITERALLY!
Arturo amazed us all with his ability to improvise a 40s elevator pitch (what it took us to get to the 1rts floor of L’Atelier)… He definitely caught us all by surprise! Good job Arturo!




Once in L’Atelier, and after our daily dosis of Nespresso, Xavi gave us a speech about entrepreneurship in Silicon Valey. A speech that could be easily be considered a roadmap to understanding the environment that is created in this area.

Don’t be a spectator of your life, be the main actor.” Xavier Verdaguer, founder of Imagine CC. 

Lesson: #1 Act!. Take the risk!

After Xavi’s presentation we started working on our teams with Phillipe… It was awesome to see how our minds had acquired a new way of approaching a problem by not trying to jump to solutions… and just reframe the problem.
” If I had only one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem, and only five minutes finding the solution ” A.Einstein
NOW, LET’S GO TO STANDFORD! First time here for most of us… Here is where it all started!
After having lunch at the University we had the chance of visiting the SLAC, the longest linear accelerator in the world. There we met Roberto Alonso, a Spaniard from Gijón that amazed us all when he told us that with an estimated daily cost of US$ 1Million, the only requirement for using the SLAC (and for free) is to have a good idea to investigate on!
” It is incredible that for studying something that small, we need to use something this big!”

To continue our day, we whent to StartUp Embassy, another example of how accessible the Silicon Valley can be for those with ideas and willingness to materialize them.

In this “Offline hosting for entrepreneurs” as they define themselves, we met Angelika Blrendstrup, and of course Charlie! We learn that even cute dogs here have incredible talents.. he speaks 5 languages!! (including wolf)..
We started by defining ourselves with 6 words…as it is encouraged by Six-Word Memoirs, a project founded by the online storytelling magazine Smith Magazine.



After this exercise, Angelica gave us key tools and issues to bear in mind while networking in the US, and showed us all how different it is to what we are used to. I think we are all looking forward spending more time with her learning as much as we can about how to communicate better.

” Not looking for happiness, creating it.”  dreamer Laura Dubreuil
Lesson: #2 Be nice, #3. Get to the point!


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