Would you like to be a dreamer of the Imagine 2013 Silicon Valley edition?

Option 1. Send your application along with an interested sponsor
Have you found someone who would want to sponsor you? Great! Send us your application along with the contact information of your sponsor and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please send sponsor information to info@imagine.cc.

Option 2. Pay for the program yourself
You cannot lose this opportunity and would like to pay for the program yourself? Every edition 2 dreamer positions (out of the 12) are reserved for participants of this type. Please send your contact information to info@imagine.cc.

Option 3. Send your application and request sponsor
At Imagine we do not want the cost of the program to be an inconvenient to be able to participate. For this reason the program counts with various internal sponsors. Send us your application and we will analyze your profile with your sponsors.

Timing and selection process
An expert committee will select the 12 dreamers from among all the applications received.
The deadline for registration of the Dreamers is: May 15th, 2013

For more information: info@imagine.cc