Google, Twitter & Angelika by Arturo Calvo. 23/07/2013

For a technology passionate like me, visiting Google and Twitter HQ on the same day is like meeting Superman and Batman in a bar. These are two of the most important Internet companies in the world, and the example many of us dream to follow.

Carlos Gómez and Albert Orriols were our hosts at Googleplex in Mountain View. What a privilege to visit their awesome HQ. The complex is like a huge candy shop where anyone would love to work, where brilliant professionals meet and the perfect place to work. Wow, they even have a device to have a nap whenever you want! Carlos and Albert kindly answered all the questions we had about the present and future of the second largest tech company in the world.




After a short break for lunch, we headed to the Startup Embassy, our second home here in Silicon Valley, where Angelika Blendstrup helped us to enhance our communication skills and to prepare our pitch for the D-day, July 29th. The tip of the day: “keep it simple, use short sentences”.

What can I say about Twitter? Sorry but I cannot describe it 140 characters or less. @cesardielo, @pauto, @monica and @esten guided us through their great headquarters in San Francisco, and explained the keys for Twitter’s success. I especially liked the fact that all their engineers stop for a whole week and work on their own ideas. That’s the engine of innovation!

On the other hand, we are working very hard to surprise you all on July 29th with our four awesome projects. Stay tuned!



Arturo Calvo

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