Phase 4, Communication by Albert Morro. 22/07/2013

We have arrived at the End of Phase 3 “prototyping”, GOD, time flies! I’m not going to enter in details here but today I took a shower while I was eating my breakfast. Time is golden now!

We started the day with a special visit. Three partners from Everis, Angel García, Marc Alba and Jose Luis Albentosa. They shared with us their core vision, attitud makes the difference.



We have the opportunity to pitch them our project and also receive valuable feedback. For my team (education)  we had an extra preasure because they are our clients. ;)  Fortunately, they found our idea very interesting and gave us great mentorship in order to see the BIG PICTURE and also opened us some doors to explorate.

It was a stressful but very rewarding and fun day, and we accomplished our missio!


Later while during a short break for lunck Rosa talked to us about Burning Man and suddenly a person behind us stood up and talked to us, they were organizers of the founding team of Burning Man. This can only happen in Silicon Valley.


During the afternoon we started phase 4 with a Communication masterclass with Cristina Salvador who gave us great insights. I found the following the most interesting:

  • You can never stop watching your audience, if it can’t be with your vision do it with your hands
  • Metaphors are key
  • Do a stellar ending with strong words

We also had the opportunity to put in practice all the lessons with an actual pitch competition with a special guest, Jordi Argente VC and president of the chamber of commerce in San Francisco.  He gave us great tips in order to understand the Venture Capitalist psychology in order to raise money.

  • In order to sell you have to understand their mind
  • Don’t just look for a VC company look for the correct Partner
  • Have an ambitious project
  • Capacity to grow
  • Have patents or protections to reduce risk
  • Have traction

And we couldn’t end up without a pitch competition. bravoo!!! For all of you, here are the winners:

  • Anna: ADAN an ehealth startup with unlimited possibilities.
  • Arturo: @Dialective_com
  • Pedro: Optime Project made while at Imagine!
  • Ray: @Placeband

Just 5 days left check out our final presentation, we have ideas to change the world!


Albert Morro

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