Stanford, Juniper Networks, Waze & The Wallery by Pedro Torrecillas. 19/07/2013

We started the day with a delicious breakfast at Palo Alto’s Paris Baguette, where coffe tastes like coffe and pastrery is quite good. After that we rode to Stanford. There we shoot some pictures at the library for our final presentation, since we are not done prototyping yet. We had Borja shinning as the young modeling promise he is.


After eating some greasy sandwiches, we went to the amazing new Juniper HQ. Helena Brugada received us and we started a workshop on future scenario development – after presenting ourselves with a present and future picture -. She accomplished what seems impossible: funny and educational at the same time.




Then we ran to Waze HQ where we meet VP Di-Ann Eisnor. As you might already know, Waze was acquired by Google for 1.1B. We got to know the company better and  the ‘We are the Waze, we are commuters’ song, which the Waze team composed to celebrate the recent acquisition. We all left the offices singing their song and with a big smile on our face. What a great experience!




We finished the day with some unframed art at the The Wallery exposition hosted by Silvia Langa, who had been at our center a few days earlier presenting her company.

A long, but great day!


Pedro Torrecillas





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