Talents 2020, by dreamer Laura Dubreuil

They say children are like sponges; they absorb everything they see. That’s why we are responsible to ensure what they absorb are, at least, positive and encouraging messages, and not the pessimistic and outdated news we receive everyday from the mass media.

With this purpose, the association “Arrenca a córrer” organizes twice a year “Talents 2020”, an event addressed to high school students in which four entrepreneurs or professionals present their stories, dreams and passions with the aim of encouraging students to live their life with an entrepreneurial spirit.

I participated in the last edition of this event, celebrated last October 14th 2013 in Auditori Axa (Barcelona). More than 600 students attended the event, in which Carlota Pi (HolaLuz), Santi Pozo (Yaya Designs) Miguel de Páramo (musician and creator of the show Deparamo) and myself (Starlab) presented entrepreneurship as a reality available to all those who have a passion, self-sacrifice and desire to create.


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Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a lifestyle. It can be a professional choice, but it does not always mean to start a business. You can be an entrepreneur inside a company, in volunteer projects or even in your personal life. The important thing is to show students that it is essential to prepare themselves for all aspects of their future. They need to have the necessary tools to choose where to focus their talent, passions and dreams, always taking into account the unavoidable self-sacrifices, risks and uncertainty.

In my case, I talked about my experience as a student and now as a professional inside a company, in which you can also can apply and foster an entrepreneurial spirit. I also spoke about my experience at Imagine Silicon Valley 2013, and encouraged them to take a look at the core values of the program and apply for the next edition. My main goal was to emphasize that they need to create their own life and their own happiness according to their talents, passions and dreams.


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“Talents 2020” aims to show young people what it means to be an entrepreneur in a new paradigm based on the empowerment of the individual, in which subsidies, permanent contracts and a job for life do not exist anymore. I want to thank Laura Robert and Mercè Botella for the passion they put in everything they do, and also the rest of the people who made this day a reality: Carlota Pi, Santi Pozo, Miguel de Páramo, Xavi Lozano, Victor Abasolo, students from GEM school and Caixa d’Enginyers, sponsors of the program.

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