The Wallery, Puddle and Propelland by Arturo Calvo. 18/07/2013

I am aware that, when some of my friends see my photos on Facebook, they believe that I am on a 1-month holiday visiting the nicest places in the Bay Area and doing Supertramps everywhere.  Well… this is actually right because I am having the best time of my life, but there is a huge workload behind.

Today Xavi wanted to be disruptive so he picked us up at 7:47. Well… the reason for this unusual time is that our friend Dídac Lee had to take a flight back to Barcelona. Great meeting you, Dreamer!

This is a critical week at L’Atelier, where our projects are becoming tangible solutions, but fortunately today we have the pleasure to welcome three outstanding visitors.

Just a few months ago, Silvia Langa created The Wallery, a place where a unique selection of international and emerging artists design wallpaper, murals and vinyls for your living room, car, smartphone,…  I want one of these!




And what can I say about Jean Claude Rodríguez has created the “social banking” concept where you can lend and borrow some money from your friends. The old “village banking” gone social. That simple. That successful.



The last activity of the day was the prototyping master class with Hugo Giralt, CEO from Propelland. Hugo and his team are helping us to transform our ideas into effective promotional stories. In just a few days you will be able to see the results. Keep up the hard work, dreamers!






Arturo Calvo

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