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Searching for Dreamer #12 for Imagine 2014

Applications are now open to send your candidature to become Dreamer #12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014!!

This will be our 4th edition, bigger and better than ever! We are preparing an amazing edition, are you going to miss the chance of spending one month working in the most innovative and creative environment in the world?

During the following weeks we will be posting more information about the projects we will be working with, which sponsors will be accompanying us and what amazing collaborators we will have with us.

Given the success of the past years web competition, this year we will continue selecting 1 of our dreamers among all the applications received via our webpage. The rest of the dreamers will be selected from competitions organized by our sponsors.

You will see that in your candidature we request you to submit a video introducing yourself, here a few tips for a successful video:

– make sure to speak in english (speak! don’t use only text)

– appear in the video, we want to see you in action!

– Post production of video is not the most important aspect, passion and positive energy is much more valued


The process for the selection of dreamer number 12 will be the following:

1. Until Sunday May 18th applications will be open for anyone to submit their candidature (there is no restriction on age, background or nationality)

2.  On Monday May 26th, 10 applications will be selected among all the candidatures received via: This selection will be conducted by a formalized committee of experts with representatives from the sponsors and the staff of Imagine. The videos of the 10 finalists will be published on the Imagine facebook page: 

3. On Sunday June 1st, dreamer number 12 will be chosen and among the 10 finalists with the following voting system:

  •  votes from the representatives of each sponsor of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  •  votes from Imagine 2014 staff (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from the dreamers of past editions of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from interview between staff members and finalist (10 points)
  •  number of likes achieved on facebook (maximum 10 points)


Here four examples of other year’s candidatures



– The 10 finalist will be chosen only among the applications received via the imagine website without having a sponsor. If you have submitted your candidature through another option (ex. sponsor contest) your video will not enter this category.

– The ratings of each vote will be made so that each member of the jury will rank from 10 to 0 and with the sum of all the members the classification of each section will be given (10 points for the best, 0 for the worst).

– Maximum possible score: 50 points


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