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Vote for your favorite finalist to Dreamer #12!

Here we present the finalists to become dreamer number 12 for Imagine Silicon Valley 2014!

The selection has been very difficult since we have received amazing candidatures. A special thank you to everyone who has participated and congratulations to ALL! With your implication you have shown that you are already working on making the world a better place.

On Sunday June 1st at 00:01 am (Pacific Time) we will notify the winner among these 12 finalists.  The winner will become dreamer number 12, being able to join the program Imagine 2014 Silicon Valley with all expenses covered.

The voting proces for the selection of dreamer number 12 will be the following:

  •  votes from the representatives of each sponsor of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  •  votes from Imagine 2013 staff (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from the dreamers of past editions of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from interview between staff members and finalist (10 points)
  •  number of likes achieved on facebook (maximum 10 points)

Good luck to all the candidates and keep on dreaming!


How to vote?

1 LIKE  on the video = 1 vote


Dreamer Candidate 01: Jose Ramon Fuentes Campos

linkedIn >>



Dreamer Candidate 02: Mercè Rua Fargues



Dreamer Candidate 03: Blai Carandell Saladich




Dreamer Candidate 04: Fernando Martínez Zapata





Dreamer Candidate 05: Carolina Uribe




Dreamer Candidate 06: Alvaro Paz Martin





Dreamer Candidate 07: Alicia Trepat Pont




Dreamer Candidate 08: Jordi Wu Zhou




Dreamer Candidate 09: Montserrat Marin




Dreamer Candidate 10: Victor Rubio Gómez 


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Voting Process for Dreamer Number 12

On Monday May 26th, the 10 finalists to become Dreamer number 12  for Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 will be announced. Once again, congratulations to everyone who submitted their applications to our web contest, amazing job!

The 10 final applications will be posted on our blog and facebook page. For the final voting phase, to choose the winner among the 10 final applications, we are going to have an amazing jury participating in the voting process. As we have been doing until now, the  ensure that the process is as professional and fair as possible, all the process will be done using the  Podium platform, from YouNoodle.

The voting system to choose Dreamer number 12 is the following:

  • votes from the representatives of each partner of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from Imagine 2014 staff (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from the dreamers of past editions of Imagine (maximum 10 points)
  • votes from interview between staff members and finalist (10 points)
  •  number of likes achieved on facebook (maximum 10 points)

The judging criteria that will be followed by all the jury will be based on

  1. Candidates background; achievements, relevant facts, hobbies
  2. Creativity in the presentation video
  3. Communication skills in English
  4. Campaign Conducted


Staff Jury

  • Albert Ventura
  • Angelika Blendstrup
  • Cristina Salvador
  • Eliane Guiu
  • Ivan Bruque
  • Josep Lluis Sánchez
  • Laura Cladellas
  • María Bassas
  • Marta Aubia
  • Montserrat Guàrdia
  • Philippe Delespesse
  • Rosa Monge
  • Xavier Verdaguer

Dreamers of Past Editions

Partners Jury


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Audi joins Imagine as main partner

We are excited to welcome Audi on board as a main partner of Imagine Silicon 2014! Audi will launch one of the 4 challenges in which de dreamers of Imagine SV 2014 will be working on during the upcoming month of July in San Francisco. More details about the challenge will be revealed soon, stay tuned! We would also like to remind you all that Audi rewarded one of the teams of Imagine Express 2014 with the “Audi Innovation Prize” which consisted in a trip to San Francisco to work in an internal Audi project. The winners of this prize will be joining the dreamers of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 during the last week of the program.


About Audi

“Vorsprung durch Technik” or, “Progress through Technology” is Audi‘s company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design that have become synonymous with the Audi  name. And it reminds Audi  to challenge themselves, rewrite the rules from time to time and always fuel our pioneering spirit. The spirit that sets Audi  apart on the racetrack and the open road.

About Attitudes

Attitudes is the corporate social responsibility program of Audi in Spain, created in 2000 to express their commitment to the promotion of education and road safety. The initiative combines activities of a social nature with topics related to the automotive world that have more implications in everyday life.

Attitudes concentrates on concepts such as urban mobility, sustainability, road safety education, awareness of responsible driving and prevention of traffic accidents.

Attitudes works with social awareness through the implementation of actions aimed at sensitizing citizens to the importance of responsible driving.

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Catalina Balseiro dreamer from AQUALOGY

We are very happy to welcome Catalina Balseiro as the Aqualogy representative Dreamer at Imagine Silicon Valley 2014. Making the world a better place together!

Aqualogy is the global brand of integrated water solutions. Water is an essential commodity for a high quality of life and wellbeing in our society, as well as a basic resource for productive economies on all continents. Its scarcity and the need for proper management pose serious challenges which the teams at Aqualogy are able to tackle by providing intelligent and innovative solutions committed to sustainable development.

Catalina Balseiro  was born in a little village on the northern coast of Spain, Viveiro (Lugo). She moved to Santiago de Compostela to start her university studies in Chemical Engineering. In the last year, she also had an international experience, doing her final degree project in the University of Newcastle. When she finished her studies it became clear to her that she wanted to specialize in Environmental Engineering, so, she moved to Barcelona to study a Master on this subject.

At the end of the Master she had her first contact with the professional world in AQUALOGY. She was hired as the Program Coordinator in the R&D Center. She was the person in charge of the following up of a project portfolio witch was contracted within R+I Alliance, a program founded by 5 separate international water utility companies, including AQUALOGY. Two years later, she became Project Officer being in charge of coordinating project offers, which were presented to national and international R&D funding programs. Here she had the opportunity to learn how to build, coordinate and motivate teams and work with tight deadlines. In 2012, she became Innovation Project Manager. She had a key role in the development of the innovation strategy of AQUALOGY fostering the development of new solutions that fulfill customer needs. This position put her closer to the business side and it was clear for her that she needed new knowledge to develop her competencies in order to be able to take on this new challenge and that is why she decided to do the MBA at ESADE.

Catalina loves reading and traveling. To exercise, she swims. She is very ecological; trying to incorporate this mentality into many aspects of her life. She also enjoys participating in solidarity projects. Last year I took advantage of being an alumna in ESADE and became a consultant for a few social projects.

She is most happy and productive working in teams of different disciplines to achieve a goal in which she believes. She likes environments where learning new knowledge and tools very quickly and handling multiple activities simultaneously is needed. Catalina believes in the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability and AQUALOGY gives her  the opportunity of developing her career in activities that contribute significantly and positively to the sustainable development of our society and the perseveration of the environment.



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25 finalists for Dreamer number 12

 We have received amazing candidatures to become Dreamer number 12 of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014. It’s being incredible tough to judge these! Our judging team has finished the first round and has chosen the 25 finalists that will enter the second round of voting. From these 25 finalist, 10 will be selected and will be published on the Imagine Facebook page. These 10 finalists will enter the last round of voting from which the final winner will be chosen.

More information on the voting process here.

From the Imagine staff we would like to thank everyone who has submitted an application for Imagine Silicon Valley 2014. The talent we have received has been overwhelming. Thank you, you are all amazing Dreamers!

25 finalist (first round of voting, in alphabetical order)

  1. Alexandre Casadevall-Nierga
  2. Alexander Medina Phimister
  3. Alicia Trepat Pont
  4. Alvaro Paz Martin
  5. Andreu Balastegui Manso
  6. Anna Inetskaya
  7. Blai Carandell Saladich
  8. Blanca Tulleuda Martínez
  9. Carolina Uribe
  10. David Fontanet
  11. Fernando Martínez Zapata
  12. Ivan Utge Hernandez
  13. Joan Viladomat Comerma
  14. Jordi Boza Palacin
  15. Jordi Wu Zhou
  16. Jose Ignacio Gonzalez-Blanch
  17. Jose Ramon Fuentes Campos
  18. Lidia Magan
  19. Marc Ramírez Invernón
  20. Mercè Rua Fargues
  21. Meritxell Molina Pla
  22. Montserrat Marín Moreno
  23. Stephanie Ollive
  24. Vicenç Garcia
  25. Victor Rubio Gómez


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Gerardo Díaz dreamer from PCTT

We are very happy to announce Gerardo Díaz will be a dreamer of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 after winning the TFinvierte investment forum organized by  Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife (PCTT) . Congratulations and welcome on board!

The Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife (PCTT) has the mission to stimulate  creation and development of innovative technology companies based in Tenerife effectively, efficiently and sustainably through the creation of several innovative environments where spaces, infrastructures and adequate services are provided. The PCTT is configured as a key player and a referential place for innovation on the island of Tenerife, contributing to the strengthening of the island’s economy and increasing the competitiveness of Tenerife.

Gerardo Díaz has always been working around media, design, advertising and communication. He spent several years directing and producing audiovisual content before creating a small studio where he developed corporate identity projects, publishing products and advertising materials for local business, institutions and government.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca but have always been passionate about Internet, online businesses and entrepreneurship. He has created, developed and monetized content sites and managed a small domain names portfolio and had always loved the idea of creating a online start-up; but he wasn’t really focused on that idea until 2014 when he decide he didn’t want to wait any longer to start Voiver: an online voiceover marketplace for voiceover talents and video and multimedia content producers. It’s being quite an adventure and this project absorbs most of his time but he only regrets it took that long to start because he’s really enjoying every moment and learning with every single step.




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Aqualogy joins Imagine as main partner

We are very happy to announce that Aqualogy has joined Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 as one of its main partners! Soon we will provide more information about the challenge proposed to the dreamers by Aqualogy, for now we can advance that there will be a lot of water involved! Stay tuned!


Aqualogy is the global brand of integrated water solutions. Water is an essential commodity for a high quality of life and wellbeing in our society, as well as a basic resource for productive economies on all continents. Its scarcity and the need for proper management pose serious challenges which the teams at Aquology are able to tackle by providing intelligent and innovative solutions committed to sustainable development.

Aqualogy is positioned as a global benchmark, the result of the talent of more than ten thousand professionals who carry out their activities in more than twenty countries. A great professional team that undertakes projects of consultancy, design, engineering and construction, equipment, maintenance and training. These activities are executed by Aqualogy using its own resources through public-private partnership or in collaboration with other companies, aware of the value brought by shared knowledge.

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Imagine Silicon Valley 2013 on TV

Here the documentary of Imagine Silicon Valley 2013 by E2S. Soon in English.

Versión en español. Yo quiero ser emprendedor:

Versió en Català. Jo vull ser emprenedor:

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