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Blai Carandell Dreamer of Estrella Damm

Blai Carandell came in second  place (only one point away from the winner!) in the web contest organized by Imagine. When Estrella Damm head about Blai and his story they rapidly jumped on board as a main sponsor of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 granting Blai the amazing chance of becoming a dreamer of Imagine! Welcome on board Blai and welcome on board Estrella Damm!

Blai Carandell is currently launching his first start-up, Musicotec, a tool which allows anyone to organize a concert in a quick, easy and professional way. He is also the lead singer and guitarist at Born54, a Barcelona-based band, with which he has performed in over a 100 live shows. He has co-written numerous songs which are played on the radio and TV, as well as for companies such as INDITEX, Henkel and TVE.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in International Relations. Related to these fields, he has worked in internationally renowned think tanks such as the IEMed and the ICIP.

Blai loves to race in x-country and track-and-field, brew craft beer, make limoncello and other liqueurs. He also enjoys cooking, travelling and meeting new people. Furthermore, he has lived in four countries, is fluent in five languages and is always eager to learn new ones.

Established in 1876, Estrella Damm is an award-winning, premium pale lager known internationally as the “Beer of Barcelona.” During STD 136-year tenure, Estrella Damm has remained the number one beer in Barcelona. An independent brewer With its own personality, Estrella Damm is known for STIs creativity. Estrella Damm products based five million hectoliters of beer per year. United States Beverage, LLC Estrella Damm amounts to the United States



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SURAMERICANA joins Imagine as a main partner

We are very happy to announce that SURAMERICANA S.A. has joined Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 as one of the program’s main partners!  SURAMERICANA S.A.  will launch one of the four challenges the Dreamer of Imagine will be working on during the upcoming month of July in San Francisco. More information about the challenge will be posted soon, stay tuned!

With more than 70 years of experience, SURAMERICANA S.A. is today one of the main insurance groups in Latin America. This Company, a subsidiary of Grupo SURA in which the German reinsurance company, Munich Re, also holds a stake, is in turn the holding company of a group of different companies in Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic and  El Salvador, all of whom offer insurance and social security solutions. These companies offer a well-differentiated and comprehensive assistance in handling risk and have set themselves apart with the innovation and added-value they provide their clients in terms of insurance protection.




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Fernando García dreamer from Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell is Spain’s fourth largest private banking group, which is comprised of different banks, brands, subsidiaries and part-owned companies covering all areas of the financial business sector under a common denominator: professional performance and quality. A young, highly-qualified team, with the most modern, up-to-date technological and commercial resources and a multi-brand, multi-channel organisation focusing on the client enable Banco Sabadell to occupy an outstanding position in the personal and business banking markets

Banco Sabadell joined Imagine Express as a in February of 2014 and awarded an innovation prize to one of the Express teams granting one of its team members to become a Dreamer of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014. The winners of this prize was the School Year team, formed by: Tomás Ferrándiz, Fernando García and Jordi Boza. The selected team member to join Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 has been Fernando García.

Fernando is a passionate about technology and learning. He was born in Malaga, a beautiful city in the south of Spain where he grew up and studied Computer Science. After a brief time working in Malaga, he decided to move to Barcelona for love and also looking for new professional opportunities in a sector where everything changes from day to day and it is necessary to be surrounded in a challenging ecosystem to continue being competitive.

He started working as a programmer in various companies, some bigger than others: Accenture, Orange R&D, and changing from one to another when realized he couldn’t learn more in a certain position. A few years ago, once he had become an experienced mobile programmer in Android and iOS, he decided to start working in something called a startup. At the beginning it just was like working in a different company, but smaller. It was then when he felt that besides from continuing improving as a programmer, there was an opportunity to learn about many more aspects of creating a company and giving value to the clients. This way you also could be involved in the product you were creating, not only as a coder but also as part of a team that was passionate about exploring a new way to change its environment through technology.

That was the beginning of a path full of different personal and professional experiences, where you learn something and meet new people every day. He started working in startups as a employee, then being part of the founder team of another one, and finally as a freelance expert working on many startups every year. Nowadays he spends his time between working as freelance, experimenting with Google Glass, creating his own games, collaborating in initiatives to teach kids how to code at Vailets Hacklab (, and also continuing learning about new fascinating technologies that are coming such as 3D-printing and combining it with electronics.

In February he participated in the Imagine Express edition traveling from Barcelona to Paris and London while his team made up by Tomás Ferrandiz ( and Jordi Boza ( were in charge of creating an application to help parents organize their kids’ after-school agenda. Jordi with his awesome experience in business, Tomas as the best creative leader and Fernando as the programmer, ended up with a solid product and a prototype for iPhone that was awarded with a prize from Banco Sabadell ( giving Fernando the to be part of the next edition of Imagine, this time at San Francisco!




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Luis Manuel Perez dreamer from Everis

After winning an internal contest in Everis, Luis Manuel has been chosen to represent Everis as a Dreamer at Silicon Valley 2014. Welcome on board! Luis Manuel was born in Crevillente, a town of Alicante, in the East coast of Spain.

Since he was a child he was clearly decided to study Computer Science and so he did so at Universidad de Alicante where he studied Computer Engineering. He also spent some months studying abroad in Slovakia, what allowed him to visit many countries of Europe. During his studies he was always interested in personal projects, developing them at his free time. While he was finishing his career decided to present, with a friend, to an entrepreneur and technology-based projects contest where they developed a system based on Kinect cameras and focused on elderly people who were living alone, capable of detect accidents such as falls and alert familiars and emergency services in case of an emergency. Thanks to that contest he realized what really means to create and believe in a project: from analyzing every aspect on paper to defend it in front of an audience or learning to convert an idea into something viable. Just after the contest and after finishing his career, he had the chance to join everis in Barcelona, a big company in a big city, being part of an ambitious project for Gas Natural Fenosa within a team of over 100 people. Working on that project in everis he learns everyday the result of teamwork and how important is the human component to achieve a common objective. Luis Manuel combines his work at everis with the study of a Master in Engineering of Development for Mobile Devices, another of his passions.

As everis sais: “Attitude makes the difference” and he thinks attitude is an essential ingredient for change and to achieve the aim of building a better world. Luis Manuel firmly believes on teamwork and sharing personal inspiration to carry out dreams through hard work. Luis Manuel loves traveling, sports, TV-shows and hanging out with his friends as well. He also loves talking about new ideas such as mobile applications or new technologies.

Everis is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services with more than 70.000 professionals and operating in more than 40 countries all around the world. The vision of everis is to be a worldwide company that excels in ethical and emotional terms and that is led by values and where dreams really can come true.


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Marc Mateu Dreamer from Audi

Marc Mateu being a member of the winning team of the Audi Innovation Challenge has been chosen to represent Audi as a Dreamer of Imagine Silicon Valley 2014. Welcome on board Marc!

Marc Mateu is finishing Telecommunications Engineering at UPC. Bioengineering has always been one of his passions, and also all kinds of technology, in particular  themes related to healthy habits.

Currently, he is working in two bioengineering research projects in the Department of Electronic Engineering in UPC, which are Healing Drop (inside the project: INNPACTO de la Secretaría de Estado de I+D+i adscrita al Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad) and a project from RecerCaixa, where he develops software in iOS platform and also different types of dedicated servers. In this projects they try to monitor the habits of the patients by controlling, among other things, user’s respiration in different positions and places, and telling him if he is sleeping or not by analysing his respiration patterns. In addition the app monitors the patient cardiac pulse with dedicated hardware (Polar Band with Bluetooth Low Energy) or by placing the finger on the device camera and processing the video feed. All this software is been developed to improve or maintain the healthy habits of the users, with the help of this apps.

On the other hand, he has collaborated in the design and implementation of data acquisition in the cardiac pulse bluetooth sensor of the recently launched app FitLab Free by Health&SportLab.

For two years he has worked in Col·legi Mayor Penyafort-Montserrat maintaining their networks and all their informatics equipments, including their web page. He is also working in a project for the col·legi, that consists of a smart parking. He is currently developing the remote processing server and the integration of this systems to the Internet.

Finally, he has advanced knowledge in different programming languages, that include: objective-c, java, c… Several types of relational databases: MySQL, Sqlite, CoreData and different types of computational programs such as Matlab and Omnetpp, as well as php5 and html5.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” or, “Progress through Technology” is Audi‘s company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design that have become synonymous with theAudi  name. And it reminds Audi  to challenge themselves, rewrite the rules from time to time and always fuel our pioneering spirit. The spirit that sets Audi  apart on the racetrack and the open road.

Attitudes is the corporate social responsibility program of Audi in Spain, created in 2000 to express their commitment to the promotion of education and road safety. The initiative combines activities of a social nature with topics related to the automotive world that have more implications in everyday life.



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CDmon joins Imagine Silicon Valley

CDmon, one of the leading companies in the hosting and web domain field in Spain, has joined Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 making a contribution to all our dreamers! Every dreamer will enjoy their own web hosting, with a professional hosting plan of 5 GB of web space, 50 email accounts and 500MB for database, among other resources.


Throughout the year, the Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 participants will be able to use the 24 hours CDmontechnical customer service, to answer questions and receive personalized advice.

The goal of CDmon is to help all the dreamers grow online with quality domain & hosting services.


Thank you CDmon!



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Malwine Steinbock Dreamer from Inlea

Malwine Steinbock has been chosen after winning an entrepreneurial contest to represent Inlea Foundation. Welcome on board!

Her name is Malwine Steinbock, sometimes Mal, Malwi or Malvina, como las Malvinas. She is a non-conformist. Perfectionist. Strategic thinker and entrepreneur.

Malwine loves to travel because she loves meeting new people, new cultures and challenging her way of thinking. Have you never thought that you’re happier when all you own fits in a backpack and everything else is your invisible fortune?

She decided to move to Barcelona at the age of 19. Growing up in a small town in northern Germany gave her beautiful childhood memories of carefree playing in the woods (just idealizing it very little). But she always knew that she wanted to live a more unconventional life and decided to pack her things and come to Barcelona. What started as a 1-year adventure of learning Spanish, Catalan and meeting people from all around the world, has turned the city into her new home. Constant learning and a lot of hard work have brought her to where she is in 2014. Malwine has a degree in Advertising and PR from Universitat Autònoma, Communication and Media Studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam and a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing but above all, she is an autodidact.

 Malwine started working during her studies in global advertising agencies for international clients. Wrigley’s, PepsiCo, Danone, Roca, Greenpeace. And she got to travel a lot. From Tokyo to NY, from Moscow to Paris, Dublin and Munich to just name a few. She was responsible for an international jewellery retailer, water, cookies and bathroom brands, a global yoghourt brand, taking care of product innovation, branding and communication strategies, connecting multi-functional agency teams from different geographies to deliver successful integrated campaigns.

As marketing, branding and communications expert, Malwine always wanted to bring genuinely useful solutions to people. But, truth is, brands are not always essential in our lives.

So 2 years ago, together with Victor Fortunado, her co-founder, she decided to create a product that they thought was truly useful and that didn’t exist so far. Cookbooth is a new platform for chefs and foodies who want to share their step-by-step recipes and meet other chefs and foodies from around the world. The Cookbooth app allows you to create beautiful photorecipes, save them to a personal cookbook and share them with your followers. It has been called it the Instagram of recipes and now a dream is coming true by taking it to Silicon Valley.

But actually, she is not going alone. Behind Cookbooth there is a great team of entrepreneurs, chefs, communication experts, engineers and designers. Imagine means a huge opportunity for the whole team and she is going to the Valley with a mission: growing her leadership skills, learning as much as possible to bring the Silicon Valley start-up culture back to Barcelona, meeting great like-minded people and companies, meeting investors for their start-up and bringing home the yellow, positive energy to everything they do.

Malwine has created a website to document all her learnings, all the answers to her questions, you can follow her imagine experience at

INLEA Foundation is the corporate social responsibility of INLEA Corporation. It is an international non-profit association. Their focus is to create start-ups, promote creativity, innovation, employability and spread knowledge of new technologies through specially designed training programs and further education.

The core ideas of the Foundation are:

  • Connect: the Foundation is a place to bring entrepreneurs and business owners together with professionals and reference specialists, in a collaborative and open workplace.
  • Support: as their social commitment with entrepreneurs, the Foundation guides them in the process of transforming an idea into a project and creating a company ready to compete in a global market.
  • Grow: due to Inlea Corporation’s international experience, Inlea Foundation provides a global vision for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in order to enhance their process of expansion and growth.



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Daniel Benito dreamer from PwC

After winning an internal contest organized by PwC , Daniel Benito, has been chosen to represent PwC as a Dreamer at Imagine Silicon Valley 2014.

Brought up in a little village of Segovia, surrounded by wild life and nature,  Daniel  has always loved science, particularly math and physics. He wanted to solve many questions to understand the way things work .This is why he decided to study hydrological and environmental engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

He loves watching and playing sports, horse back riding and, of course, hanging out with friends.

Today he is working as a consultant for PwC at the Sustainability & Climate Change department, where he develops his commitment with the environment. Daniel has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and before he joined PwC, he ran an environmental business at his home town.

Daniel firmly believes that sustainable progress is driven by people with imagination and determination to improve their future and the futures of those around them.

PwC  is a multinational professional services network. PwC  helps organizations and individuals create the value they’re looking for. They are network of firms in 157 countries with more than 184,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services.





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Carolina Uribe, Dreamer of web contest

Carolina Uribe, winner of the Imagine Web Contest, will be joining Imagine Silicon Valley 2014 as Dreamer #12! Congratulation Carolina and welcome on board!

Carolina Uribe (Medellín, 1990), after receiving a combined honors scholarship, graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2012, with a B.F.A in Industrial Design and a minor in Design for Sustainability and Furniture Design. In 2013, she joined Forcade Associates, Chicago, a design firm providing professional consulting services, both domestically and internationally, in the area of design systems with a special emphasis on the design of signage for the built environment.

Today Carolina works in Ruta N, the business and innovation center of Medellín, which promotes the development of innovative technology-based businesses that increase the competitiveness of the city and the region. As an innovation professional, she is part of a team in charge of developing the Science, Technology, and Innovation District of Medellin, known as the Medellinnovation District.

Regarded by many as a passionate agent of change for economic prosperity, ecological health and social equality, Carolina has made it her mission to “help create an environment of happiness and wellbeing, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true in Medellin.” Her dream is to bring back world-changing solutions to her City and focus her future work in the benefit of the transformation of Medellin. One day she would like to be a teacher to transfer all her knowledge to the new generation of young entrepreneurs.

Carolina’s chief concern is bringing the humanity back to a safe, connected, equal, and transforming city, ushering in what she calls Medellin’s ‘new age;’ in which technology, markets and the city are reunited. This is why Carolina is crazy about understanding human behaviors, gaining insights and discovering design opportunities for future innovation. Carolina is a collaborative, creative and strategic designer. She designs with emotion. But it is an emotion based on empirical research, solid engineering and detailed execution.




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Albert Mikkelsen dreamer from Eada

Albert Castelltort Mikkelsen  has been chosen to represent  EADA as a Dreamer at Imagine Silicon Valley 2014.

Brought up in Barcelona from a Spanish-Danish family, Albert has had a life- long love relationship with music and the cultural industries in general. As a teenager, his passion for Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson led him to dream of becoming a Rockstar. This brought him to briefly live in Paris where he studied acting, New York where he worked for EMI and London, the city he calls his hometown, where he first studied one year of music and then pursued his BA in Media & Cultural Studies at London College of Communication.

Today he is working as a Consultant for The Hunter, a consultancy agency which identifies, analyzes and capitalizes the markets emerging cultural, aesthetic, creative and digital trends and then transforms these into brands, products, services and ideas. This is done through specific innovation, inspiration, brand strategy and content curation and development projects for clients such as Nestlé Waters, Puig, Mahou-San Miguel, Telefónica or Gas Natural among others.

Despite confessing to be in love with his current job, as it allows him to combine most of his areas of interest, he decided to parellelly study a Post- Graduate course in Entrepreneurship at EADA Business School, in order to acquire the skills and tools needed to make his entrepreneurial dream come true.

Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to provide training programmes that specifically targeted the business world. For over 50 years EADA has been in the frontline of manager training and in-company training programmes for the business community. Their longstanding relations with over 350 Associated Companies constitute the backbone of EADA’straining and intends to address the needs of the corporate world by urging the participants on EADAprogrammes to take on an active role in their own career development. Over 120,000 participants from over 50 countries have entrusted their training to EADA, which in itself goes to show that this institution is one of Europe’s most innovative and prestigious business schools.



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