A day at Juniper Networks by dreamer Marc Mateu

We arrived at the Juniper  Networks HQ at morning, they were already expecting us, we came into the office and they had prepared little breakfast for us! After having breakfast, they guided us to a conference room. The conference room was fully equipped with a screen wall and lots of cameras.

Jordi Tolrà introduced Steve Shaw (Director of SP Marketing) , David Noguer (Service Provider Senior Marketing Manager EMEA) and Ankur Singla (vice president, SDN and Orchestration Systems).

Then, Ankur Singla showed up, and he explained to us his own experience in the startup world. He started as an employee in Juniper, but after a while, he quit and started his own company with some colleges, after 10 months developing virtual data centres, his company got acquired by Juniper and he returned to Juniper. He told us all about the SV ecosystem for startups and how to approach investors and venture capitals in order to raise money. He also talked to us about the actual and future trends of technology such as the internet of things and Big Data.




Then Steve Shaw explained to all of us what Juniper is currently working on. Juniper is a company that builds hardware for network infrastructure such as mobile telecommunications or optical fiber network. He also told us the future vision of the company and future trending and business models.


After him, David Noguer explained to us what the main issues that the ISP  (internet service providers) are confronting right now, such as low voice rates and a decreasing voice + data rates over the network, so for them the strategy is to build a new kind of market based on the internet of things or even Big Data, and offer the customer new services that right now do not exist.

David also pointed out that because the customer needs more and more bandwidth and the data exchange is so frequent right now, the user will need more secure and reliable communication channels so one new business model for the ISP could be providing those channels.



After the questions of the group, they give us amazing goodies and they even allowed us to eat at the Juniper restaurant. Thank you for having us, it was a great experience full of amazing learnings!


By dreamer Marc Mateu

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