Berkeley and pitching night by dreamer Gerardo

Life’s a pitch


Do you know any place in the world with parking spots reserved for Nobel laureates? We, dreamers, do: Berkeley University of California. That’s one of the many things we learned during our visit to their campus. It was a great opportunity to feel how life is in one of the world’s top universities. We received a lovely guided tour through the whole campus but let’s be honest: I wasn’t 100% focused on the explanations; why? The pitch session in the afternoon were coming up and I still needed some time to tune my text and try to memorize at least the main structure.




I knew I had to include a good hook, keep it simple and don’t forget to use storytelling techniques to make sure everybody understand my product; both Cristina Salvador and Angelika Blendstrup keep teaching that during their masterclasses. However, the Imagine schedule is quite tight and we have to take advantage of every single free moment (or second!) to keep improving our pitches. No matter if we are ridding the Imagineta van or sitting on the grass of the Berkeley campus. I’m not the only one; Malwine Steinbock, Blai Carandell and Albert C. Mikkelsen also have startups and the four of us were going to be pitching that afternoon..


The California – Spain Chamber of Commerce invited us to the Runway HQ where they organized ‘Sell Your Idea in 3 Minutes: Pitch like a Star’; a great event including a masterclass, pitching time and a wonderful networking opportunity; what else can we ask for? Cristina Salvador says life is a pitch and she’s right; most of the times we need to sell ourselves or our ideas so we need to be prepared for that. She shared her wisdom with dreamers and many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Time for the pitches and we finally breathe peacefully; I’m definitely not one of them but we have huge pitching stars in Imagine.




By dreamer Gerardo Díaz


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