Chartboost and networking in SF by dreamer Fernando García

We’re finishing another exciting week at Imagine Creative Center. As we are working on the prototypes of the projects, the staff let us to keep working on them all the morning at the center. But they don’t want us to miss a single day to take advantage of what San Francisco can teach the dreamers. That’s why we have an amazing agenda for the evening: visit the Chartboost HQ and a startups pitch/networking event.


We were so lucky to be one of the first to visit the brand new offices of Chartboost, just one week after their move, thank you so much for having us! One of the most impressive and fun offices we have visited so far, it consists in a full building of three floors where each centimeter has been though to be the most comfortable place for the people at the company. As many offices at the Valley, they have large shared spaces like the kitchen or even a terrace. What is not so common is to have an entire wall in the entrance full of tablets where anyone can take funny picture of himself/herself, or a giant dinosaur that welcomes new visitors. Also every corner has lot of boxes with the logos of the clients that help Chartboost to be the great company they are.





There we met Pepe Agell, Head of International at Charboost. Imagine wanted to give him a special surprise to celebrate their new offices and for hosting the dreamers another year. Here you can see the song composed and played by the dreamer Blai Carandell dedicated to Pepe,, great Blai! After the show, Pepe talked us about his experience at Charboost and his effort on making Charboost an international company. After hearing his master class, it’s obvious that the well-being culture they have created since day one, is one of the key success factors of this company. A company that has recieved several of the best recognitions that most startups just dream with, like being invested by Sequoia Capital, in only three years!. I also had the opportunity to have some time alone with Pepe to show him my personal game and get some priceless feedback. Thank you very much Pepe!


After the visit, we attended an event where more than 10 startups did a pitch about their product and had to pass through different filters until there was just one startup left, the final winner. This is the Startups Shark Tank Showcase. It was a great opportunity to see how startups from everywhere do their pitch and to network with other local entrepreneurs in San Francisco. Congratulations to Imaginary Number that won the final round with a great 3D game to teach kids mathematics in a very innovative way.


By Dreamer Fernando Garcia

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