Hiking with Joaquim Trias and Yoga by dreamer LuisMa Pérez

For those who think that Imagine is only about technology: I’m sorry, you are wrong!

As an example, I want to talk about two activities that strengthened our body and mind connection.

On July 19th we went for a hike around Tamalpais. We had the pleasure to have Joaquim Trias as our guide. He is consultant, advisor  and  investor of various companies (mostly in the biotech industry) and he also deeply knows the area because he has been living there for many years.

After a foggy start, during 3 hours we enjoyed nature surrounded by green landscape and amazing company. While we were hiking we were able to explain to Joaquim our projects and get some feedback from his expert and valuable point of view.

A few kilometres later we arrived to Stinson beach. It’s surprising how close the forest and the beach are! There we had a BBQ with all American hot dogs and delicious nachos and some of us played football there. After playing we realised that maybe that had not been a great idea after eating all that food…

Once we had charged our batteries and after some pictures at the beach we started our walk back to the car entering again into the woods. We enjoyed Blai’s music and his ukelele and Laura took advantage of having her camera with her to take shot some amazing pictures. We even saw Jordi singing! It’s always fun to do activities with this group!


The other activity I would like to talk about started early, very early in the morning.  On July 20th some of us woke up at 4am and went to the hall of the hotel with our sleepy faces to find Xavi waiting for us with the van van, as usual. He took us to a house where Nacho Fuentes, our KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher (and also Head Of Project Development at Gestamp Solar!)  received us. We were in a house used by people who practice Yoga where they meet and practice usually. There, and for the 3 hours, we did a special kind of Yoga: Morning Sadhana. We made some special movements and meditation dynamics focused on relaxation through Mantras. For the most of us, including me, it was the very first time that did Yoga.


Two of the Mantras that we used were:


Adi Mantra:

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


Adi Shakti Mantra:

Ek    Ong Kar,

Sat   Nam. Sir,

Wa   he Guru.


As a total beginner with Yoga I must admit that it was specially relaxing and it made us all feel very well after finishing the activity.


It’s always nice to learn things through experiences and, as you may see, there was no technology at all. As Imagine says, it’s not about technology, it’s all about people!


By dreamer Luis Manuel Pérez

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