Malwine Steinbock Dreamer from Inlea

Malwine Steinbock has been chosen after winning an entrepreneurial contest to represent Inlea Foundation. Welcome on board!

Her name is Malwine Steinbock, sometimes Mal, Malwi or Malvina, como las Malvinas. She is a non-conformist. Perfectionist. Strategic thinker and entrepreneur.

Malwine loves to travel because she loves meeting new people, new cultures and challenging her way of thinking. Have you never thought that you’re happier when all you own fits in a backpack and everything else is your invisible fortune?

She decided to move to Barcelona at the age of 19. Growing up in a small town in northern Germany gave her beautiful childhood memories of carefree playing in the woods (just idealizing it very little). But she always knew that she wanted to live a more unconventional life and decided to pack her things and come to Barcelona. What started as a 1-year adventure of learning Spanish, Catalan and meeting people from all around the world, has turned the city into her new home. Constant learning and a lot of hard work have brought her to where she is in 2014. Malwine has a degree in Advertising and PR from Universitat Autònoma, Communication and Media Studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam and a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing but above all, she is an autodidact.

 Malwine started working during her studies in global advertising agencies for international clients. Wrigley’s, PepsiCo, Danone, Roca, Greenpeace. And she got to travel a lot. From Tokyo to NY, from Moscow to Paris, Dublin and Munich to just name a few. She was responsible for an international jewellery retailer, water, cookies and bathroom brands, a global yoghourt brand, taking care of product innovation, branding and communication strategies, connecting multi-functional agency teams from different geographies to deliver successful integrated campaigns.

As marketing, branding and communications expert, Malwine always wanted to bring genuinely useful solutions to people. But, truth is, brands are not always essential in our lives.

So 2 years ago, together with Victor Fortunado, her co-founder, she decided to create a product that they thought was truly useful and that didn’t exist so far. Cookbooth is a new platform for chefs and foodies who want to share their step-by-step recipes and meet other chefs and foodies from around the world. The Cookbooth app allows you to create beautiful photorecipes, save them to a personal cookbook and share them with your followers. It has been called it the Instagram of recipes and now a dream is coming true by taking it to Silicon Valley.

But actually, she is not going alone. Behind Cookbooth there is a great team of entrepreneurs, chefs, communication experts, engineers and designers. Imagine means a huge opportunity for the whole team and she is going to the Valley with a mission: growing her leadership skills, learning as much as possible to bring the Silicon Valley start-up culture back to Barcelona, meeting great like-minded people and companies, meeting investors for their start-up and bringing home the yellow, positive energy to everything they do.

Malwine has created a website to document all her learnings, all the answers to her questions, you can follow her imagine experience at

INLEA Foundation is the corporate social responsibility of INLEA Corporation. It is an international non-profit association. Their focus is to create start-ups, promote creativity, innovation, employability and spread knowledge of new technologies through specially designed training programs and further education.

The core ideas of the Foundation are:

  • Connect: the Foundation is a place to bring entrepreneurs and business owners together with professionals and reference specialists, in a collaborative and open workplace.
  • Support: as their social commitment with entrepreneurs, the Foundation guides them in the process of transforming an idea into a project and creating a company ready to compete in a global market.
  • Grow: due to Inlea Corporation’s international experience, Inlea Foundation provides a global vision for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in order to enhance their process of expansion and growth.



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