• 1 WarmUp weekend in Barcelona and Cadaqués.
    Creative group activities in Cadaqués (14,15, 16 of June)
  • 1 Month at Imagine Creativity Center at San Francisco (from 1st of July to 31 of July)
  • Flight to San Francisco (30th of June)
  • 4 Teams (12 people from different ages and specialities)
  • Mentors (Stanford, Ideo, Google) + 2 team directors
  • 1 Stanford Interactive Session & 1 Official Stanford Workshop
  • 6 Networking events + Visits to SV Companies and Hotspots
  • 4 Outdoor Activities + 5 In-house Guest Sessions
  • 1 Final Public Event to expose projects (29th of July)
  • Flight back to Spain (31st of July)
  • 3 recap meetings to choose the future exploitation of the ideas


Mentor and in house guest

A group of mentors from different backgrounds will visit Imagine Creativity Center once a week to give feedback to the groups.

The dreamers will also be visited by three experts that will give master classes on different subjects.

Day to day activities

Imagine will provide dreamers with a radical educational experience.
  • Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Development
  • Sessions with kids
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Focus Groups
  • Pitch presentation
At Imagine we strongly believe that one's sourroundings have direct impact on creativity. For this reason many creative activities take place outdoors.

Silicon Valley company
visits and hotspots


The goal of this meetingis to prepare the dreamers for the Imagine experience in a disruptive and creative environment, Cadaqués. Dreamers will meet each other for the first time to share their experiences and to encourage synergies in the team.
  • Creative outdoor assignments
  • Group exercises
  • Visits Salvador Dali's workspace
  • Introduction to the Silicon Valley
  • Expert guest sessions
  • Magician Activity
  • Visit local sculptor workspace

Public Event

San Francisco July 29th 2013

Children's Creativity Museum
221 Fourth Street (Theater)
San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Interactive audiovisual show
  • Annual contest
  • Sponsored awards
  • Prototype presentation

Presentation of results to spanish media 19th-23th of September

The projects presented in San Francisco during the Public Event on the 29th of July will also be presented in Barcelona. Madrid, Tenerife (more TBD) the 20st, 24th and 26th of September. Media from all over Spain will be invited to join these events.


Dreamers will have working sessions at Stanford, one of the worlds's leading research and teaching institutions.


  • 1 Guided campus visit
  • Official Workshop
  • 2 Entrepenurial thought leaders seminars
  • Interactive sessions with a professor