Second weekend at Imagine Silicon Valley 2014

Our second weekend: IDEAMI TIME

It has been a very busy weekend. We started on Saturday morning with a delicious breakfast at La Boulange in Palo Alto, where coffee was fantastic and huge. After that we continued our day to Stanford. There we took an inspiring course about A3 thinking: a powerful scientific approach to Problem – Solving.

During the afternoon, we went to Ocean Beach. Once there, Javi Ideami was waiting for us with a paper w(ith a rocket-drawing and 35 spatial references between one another – a total of a 30 square meters approximately) and a goal: we had to recreate the drawing, with the same proportions, colors and details.
The challenge was really difficult, but even more when we realized that the half piece of land we had selected to recreate the rocket was completely dry. We decided to swap to a smaller drawing but even with this version, still there was sand dry. So it was really maddening to draw there, we had to work hard and remove an enormous amount of sand. In order to achieve the goal, in the time giben, we try to organize ourselves in different groups to define roles and optimize resources.
At the end, we learned how to coordinate better and found new ways to act as a living organism, where every organ has its function and, conscious of the other’s work, is autonomous and interdependent at the same time.
We only figured saw the result of our effort after hiking up a  hill and look behind us. We all felt really surprised. We had created that wonderful image – the rocket and the moon– from nothing! I realized that when you work alone, you cannot achieve the same results. After that, we went to the hotel and enjoyed the first free night in San Francisco.


On Sunday morning, we watched the final world cup between Germans and Argentinians in the city center. After watching Gotze finish the World Cup with his left foot during the extra time, we went to the center. There, Ideami was waiting for us to do a workshop that would help us get a better understanding of the power of the communication between conscious and subconscious. We did plenty of activities trying to connect this two parts, that sometime we have very disconnected.

I would like to summarize what we learnt with Javi:
• Use all your potential to face your challenges
• To coordinate and lead a team is always a difficult issue
• How to balance analytical with creative thinking
• Collaboration is strictly necessary when you share a common goal
• You need to boost the creativity. This is an attitude.
• How to generate specific results, insights and solutions
• Ask yourself different questions, applying different methodologies and frameworks. It is necessary if you want to get new ideas.
“OK MY FRIENDS, get ready for the upcoming week.”


By dreamer Daniel Benito 

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